Dayle of ArtfulCityStyle was the very first influencer that we worked with. She hails from Manhattan, the home of Alembika’s showroom, and she can be found modeling her beautiful looks all about town, where she combines great style with an artistic sensibility.

"I take Alembika Punto Pants wherever I travel... They have seen more countries than I could possibly imagine!" 

According to Dayle, you can never have too many Puntos! Her closet currently flaunts ten pairs of Punto Pants—and we have a feeling that number will continue to grow as each new season presents the Punto in fresh patterns and fabrics—all with the same flattering fit and fabulous flow.

When we invited Dayle to our showroom to talk about all things Punto, she showed us her coveted collection—and modeled her most recent favorites from Fall-Winter 2021. And, when Dayle models, she dances. When she dances, her joy is contagious and everyone has a blast! We are so inspired by Dayle—our gorgeous Punto Pants pioneer!