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We believe in confidence and style at any age. Our stylist is here to help you plan for various occasions
such as a coffee date with friends, to romantic nights out, to high-profile events. Lola is here to help
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Every summer we wish on a star for something fresh, light and easy-to-pack to make our sizzling days and cooler nights ahhhh-mazing!

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Fathers can be a sensitive subject to many of us. They are not always present and if they are they don’t always know how to connect or some are overshadowed by a strong mother who thinks she knows better.


Based in Athens, Greece, the team at Ozai N Ku understands summer colors, lightweight fabrics, and fun silhouettes. Their expertise in creating vibrant and comfortable clothing makes them a perfect fit for Alembika’s innovative spirit.


We welcome Nancy Wheeler to the Alembika Women family. She’s an active member of our private Facebook Group: Alembika Women and such a fun person to get to know. Here are her answers to our 5 questions: