Ocean Blue Rio

Urban Blues

crisp cottons, breathable jersey, forever chic


Welcome to the vibrant world of Alembika’s Urban: Ocean Blue Rio Collection, where the essence of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, comes to life through fashion.


As an older woman, I’m now able to reflect on what it was like being a younger woman.  I can recall easily the choices that were made to satisfy the wishes or attitudes of those who were intimidated by my zest for life. 

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Alembika DNA is designed for women over 50. We allow ourselves to be our true selves and invite change at 50 and over which weren’t so accessible at a younger age.

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I used to buy Alembika in a store in Tucson AZ, where I live which closed down last year. We are in NYC to visit our kids and do some Broadway shows. I feel like I’m in a candy store with you, here. I am definitely an Alembika woman.