Celebration season is here!

Graduation Looks

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A versatile collection of lightweight, stretch jersey designed to flatter your curves and move gracefully with you. Available in multiple colors and silhouettes.

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Join us for this exclusive, 1st ever event where we will learn to wear what flatters the body we have, not the body we ought to have. Meet the ALEMBIKA team, headed up by President, Yael Edelist, and the creator and founder of Shape Shopping with Figure & Fit, former model, Catherine Schuller.


Many women report they would rather undergo root canal than spend a day combing through racks or searching online to unearth something they can wear. How desperate that sounds!

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Graduation season is a special time to celebrate your child’s or grandchild’s momentous journey and significant milestone while taking a moment to reflect on your own contributions to his, her or their success.


Mother's Day is approaching soon. All women are mothers to me: whether to our children, to our nephews and nieces, to our employees, our pets and our friends.