Since October 7th, when the war broke out in Israel, this question of where home is keeps coming up for me. I have lived in NY for 31 years and have been seeing it as my home and my kids' home. I even bought my grave site in NY as the plan was, and maybe still, is to die here. 

The Edit:

Hanukkah is a festival of lights, joy, and celebration, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by showcasing your style through eight nights of fashionable outfits?


The holiday season is often a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, for many women, it can also be a time when family drama tends to rear its head.


Ozai N Ku Bowie Textured Mini Dress, Denim

I love this dress and every single thing about it! The style,(collar, sleeves, button placket, hem) ,and the fabric is so fabulous! It feels luxurious and elegant and fun and fabulous all at the same time!
I have been undergoing treatment (chemo) this summer and not feeling like I'm looking my best , but wanted to attend a special party in honor of my dearest friend. I knew this dress was the one that would carry me through elegantly. And I was right! The dress carried the day and carried me through. Received raves of compliments but, more importantly, I FELT like I looked great wearing it! Sophisticated, stylish, cool and such a statement! Thank you, Ozai N Ku ! I'm trying to save my pennies for the denim pants and jacket.Ever think of offering a sale on these wonderful pieces?

Mallory H.


I love this dress. I unpacked my package from ALEMBIKA and immediately put this on and don't want to take it off.This dress is flattering and very comfortable. I wish you would make this in many other patterns!


Wonderful dress

Flattering and great fabric. Just ordered the matching cardigan.
Usually get these dresses in size four but because it was sleeveless
I ordered a size three. Fits perfect.
Ordered the cardigan in a four.

Harriet B.

The punto pants

were my first introduction to Alembika. I love the way they fit and look. this time I bought them in Navy.

Andrea K.