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Beyond, our fashion community spreads across the US with brick-and-mortar stores from east to west. Each offers an intimate, personal touch as well as a unique shopping experience. Now, on a bi-weekly basis, we will share “Shop Talk” to highlight businesses that are a part of the ALEMBIKA family. 



with two physical stores in Maryland - 


Wear it Well
4816 Bethesda Rd
Bethesda, MD 20814


10255 Old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda, MD 20814

We take our mission seriously: 

Our Just Perfect wardrobe essentials, created by women with style, for women with style, assure you will be the best dressed woman in the room!
Jackie Pletcher is no stranger to fashion retail, from joining her family at age 12 on buying trips to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, to her buying career with Bloomingdale’s in NYC and Woodward & Lothrop in Washington, DC, to the creation of Just Perfect Collection with the purchase of Wear it Well & Sequel in 1998 & 2006 from women owners retiring from the fashion industry. 
Just Perfect Collection maintains the unique identities of it’s sister stores, from the original names to the store level individuality.  Customers value each store’s perfect mix of classic, current, and contemporary styles. 
While customers appreciate our distinctive collections, it’s the honest opinions, personal attention and long-lasting relationships that are the heart of Just Perfect Collection’s success.  Clients travel from surrounding states for special events and great advice, keeping up relationships when they move farther afield.  Our associates are equally committed, with many crossing the 15-year mark.

Your favorite artist or designer:

That’s easy – Bruce Springsteen!  He’s real, he’s genuine and authentic.  And most of all, I feel that honesty is at the forefront with Bruce and his work.

The one good thing COVID life introduced:

Several things – Perseverance.  Resilience.  Faith, most of all. 

Jackie Fletcher, Owner of Just Perfect Collection, Sequel and Wear It Well, Maryland
Jackie Fletcher, Owner of Just Perfect Collection, Sequel and Wear It Well, Maryland

(L to R)  Rita: 19 years  & Manager, Julianne: 6 year
(L to R)  Cathy: 6 years, Sara: 31 years & Manager, Tracy: 15 years
Sequel 10255 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

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