When Summer Meets Plaid

Plaid has been a forever trend. A pattern that started as tartan kilts in Scotland made its way to fashion runway shows, and today is a popular pattern for a flannel shirt, skirts, loungewear, and jackets. The plaid trend is more prevalent in the winter season, during which the colors that are expressed are duller and darker.

Plaid has been a cultural symbol that keeps evolving over time. It became ubiquitous in the 1970s, adorning everything from suits to interior design elements. Later on, we’ve seen it on Movies like Heathers and Clueless And TV shows such as Gossip Girl. During the 1990s, the plaid trend took over the grunge movement. Lately, Miu Miu has coupled its Fall/Winter 2020 plaid with feminine silhouettes and embellishments.

For summer 2021, our plaid collection took a turn. We took the trend and put it on our summer clothes. And the result? It is an elegant collection, perfect for the sporting events we attend or for the family brunch that opens the season. The pattern colors are vibrant, light, and fun.

“Playful plaid, cool whites; like tennis... Strength and endurance.”

—Hagar Alembik

Combine each of the styles with your favorite white dress or pants! Don’t have any? You will find some in this collection.




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