Summer of Elegancy

We are slowly saying goodbye to the rain, the barren trees, and the chill weather of April. Instead, we are welcoming, in open arms, a breezy summer as things are starting to re-open. We are fantasizing about movie theaters, Broadway shows, and inside dining. For all those summer occasions (and maybe more), we will need the perfect outfit!

The new summer collection is perfect to go from brunch to dinner, with fabulous pucker crepe, statement-making reds, luxe summer sweaters and more! The collection is made from a mix of colors of our favorite basics of black and white, art prints, and a splash of red.

While designing the summer collection, I felt that the difficulty we were all experiencing had to be temporary. All I needed to do was believe that good things were on the way.

The collection that emerged was bursting with color and joy, proclaiming hope, optimism and the wish for new growth”, Hagar Alembik, ALEMBIKA Head Designer.

How to pick the best items for you from this collection?

This elegant collection contains 24 pieces, made to wear for multiple events, and it’s all about how much you want to stand out. Scroll through the collection to see our stylist recommendations.

Forever elegant

You can’t go wrong with these colors, which look great on everyone, at every size.



Our red-colored items are bold and could be paired with any other item that you might already own


For the Artist in you

If you are more on the artistic side and like to play with prints, our Art Print is coming back in a black-and-white version.


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