One of the most difficult aspects of living with cancer is its uncertainty.

Once diagnosed, cancer patients need to constantly face various amounts of uncertainty
More than that, they need to start living with uncertainty as a constant companion.

When diagnosed, questions around the tumor arise. 
Is it cancer or ‘just a tumor’? How far advanced is it? What treatments will I receive? What's the side effect? Will I lose my hair? 
After treatment there’s uncertainty during the time it takes the body to heal - did it work? Am I cancer-free?

And even after doctors clear you and state cancer is in remission, the question of it coming back is constantly looming over our heads.
If there is one thing we try to do here at TrialJectory is to reduce some of the uncertainty around the available treatment options that are right for me. 
It's not just protocol anymore - the trial can offer hope and better outcomes.
Wishing us all many days of certainty, and the strength to manage and accept the uncertainty.
Tzvia Bader is the CEO and Co-Founder of TrailJectory.com, which matches cancer patients with the right clinical trial for them using AI. Tzvia, a veteran patient of clinical trials, owes her life to the right clinical trial that saved her life. TrialJectory.com is offering a toolkit that helps patients to choose the right treatment for them and can help you navigate the path to recovery.   

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