Sweet Confetti Summer

When we think about confetti, the first thing that comes to mind is a big celebration, happiness, and many small pieces of paper flying in the air. That's what Hagar Alembik had in mind when she designed the Confetti collection; 20 colorful summer items. Great items to wear when the summer breeze blows. The splash of colors is combined with easy luxurious styles you like, and that's what made the collection what it is.  

In this collection, we see more elements that remind us of the solid colors of a lovely summer sunset – yellow, orange, and turquoise. The items coming together in a confetti print bring joy into the outfit. Still, the solid colors and the striped patterns on the luxe sweaters make you look sophisticated without even trying. 

We particularly like this collection because it is easy to put on and gives you a complete look. The dresses from this collection are an outfit that will be easy to wear to any brunch, walk on the harbor, or ferry ride. While the sweaters are easy to pair with any Iconic Jeans, you may already own.

Don't think that yellow is your color? Try to pair it with our iconic jeans in blue, or check one of our many other great colors and items from this collection.


Confetti cocoon dress, Turquoise

Confetti crop cardigan 


Luxe pocket-hem sweater, Yellow


Collectible V-neck Top, Orange


Confetti flow pants, Orange


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