STORE STORIES: Meet Hello Boutique

Shop Talk with the ALEMBIKA Community

Beyond, our fashion community spreads across the US with brick-and-mortar stores from east to west. Each offers an intimate, personal touch as well as a unique shopping experience. Now, on a bi-weekly basis, we will share “Shop Talk” to highlight businesses that are a part of the ALEMBIKA family.  

Today’s Story: 

HELLO BOUTIQUE, Hamden, Connecticut


  1. Tell us a bit about your shop.

Hello Boutique has been beloved in Connecticut since the late 1970's. Always inspired by the local arts community (and originally in the Louis Khan-designed Yale British Art Gallery), we've had an eye for design and for things a little off-beat. Our local customers have been loyal for years, stopping by to chat with our friendly and talented staff, and to see our curated styles showcased on custom copper racks created by a local woman artist. We're so proud to have launched our online boutique in the early 2000's, and we’re grateful to have grown with our like-minded virtual community, too!


  1. Who is your favorite artist or designer, and why?

Our favorite designers and artists are our very own unique and creative customers who style themselves with such originality and panache!


  1. Tell us one good thing that pandemic life has shown you.

This past year has truly made us grateful for the daily gift of being alive and learning not to take it for granted. We appreciate those near and far who shine positivity onto our lives and we strive to provide that light and positivity right back to our wonderful community.




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