Rootchi Holiday Gift Guide

From our best-selling clothes to unique handmade necklaces, dolls and home items, find a variety of no-fail gifts to express your love and holiday spirit.
Whomever you are shopping for, be it a friend, daughter, mom, co-worker, or mother-in-law, we understand it can be a struggle to choose something thoughtful. After all, there is no one gift that everyone will absolutely love. To help you choose, we’ve pulled together a holiday gift list full of wonderful ideas!

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For the Homebody: Stretch Leggings, Relaxed Jacket & Cozy Sweater



For The Statement Maker: Bold Necklace, Bright Dress & Festive Jacket


For Those Who Love Monochromatics: Tie-Dye Dress, Versatile Top & Tonal Dot Pants


For the Youthful Spirit: Festive Skirt, Cut-Out Sweater & Animal-Print Dress


For Women Who Are Always Cold: Sustainable Down Jacket or Coat & Artsy Sweater 

Handcrafted Gifts for the Home and Young Children:

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