Rootchi Behind the Scenes

This weekend we had a chance to run another photoshoot for Alembika resort and winter. These photoshoot days are always very demanding and exhausting but they are also very rewarding and fun. We choose our models carefully - they are usually not professional models but rather really interesting women that love to dress great and can work a camera pretty well. Each of them is beautiful inside and out and has a great story behind her. We wanted to share some of the behind the scenes photos before sharing the final pics so you can taste some of the magic that was there. 

You asked for it - you got it! Our jackets are back in stock!


Beautiful ladies everywhere - Shaakira, Gili and Navya. Alembika Resort Collection is coming soon....!


It's a kind of MAGIC! Shaakira getting some touch-ups.


We love our models! Gili, Sharon, Avital and Navya! 

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