Meet Gili #AlembikaWomen

Gili, our Rootchi model, is a doula and a HypnoBirthing practitioner (childbirth educator). She lives in NYC and enjoys traveling, reading books (real paper books), practicing Ashtanga yoga, meditating, and finding peace in this hectic city life. She loves the summer, watermelons and the sun. Her most favorite thing in the world is to spend quality time with her girls. 

What in your life made you think, "After that, life will never be the same...?"
The birth of my first baby was a rite of passage, and an experience that changed me and my life completely. I met a new version of myself on the other side of this strong, deep learning experience. I had a very empowered birth which opened my eyes to how amazing my body is, and to the powerful potential I keep within me, something I was completely unaware of before.

This new awareness guided my steps as I walked into my new role as a new mama.

My profound journey to motherhood impacted the way I mothered my girls, the way I looked and treated my body-temple. It also became my calling, as I found myself drawn towards helping other women to find their internal power and connect with their deep knowingness.

In 2010, I founded Inher Body, a boutique pregnancy and birth service company, for the purpose of inspiring, educating, and supporting families during the precious time of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

What do you do when you don't know what to do?
When I need to answer a big question or take an important decision, I will start by journaling my options, and then list all the pros and cons of each option. Then, I would place my hand on my heart, slow down my breath, feel gratitude, and listen in. I usually find the best option this way.


What would you do if you had the whole day to yourself?
Long, slow yoga practice, fun healthy lunch with dear friends, spending time outdoors, in nature., long bath with Epsom salt and essential oils, reading, dinner with my husband, and snuggle with my girls for goodnight before closing the day.


What is the best thing about being a woman? 
I LOVE being a woman! Women are strong, wise, intuitive beings. I think that as a woman, I have endless options to choose from, as I navigate my life. And, I love that as women, we are invited to celebrate our beauty and femininity in whatever way we find appropriate and fitting. Being a woman is amazing!


What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?
A boho-chic, flowing dress!

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