Just In: The URBAN Collection!

ALEMBIKA'S Fall 2020 URBAN collection of city-savvy styles are almost entirely black, making them cool, calm and very collectible. Precisely why we believe black will always be "the new black." In fact, when I asked Yael, Rootchi's founder, what makes the collection so unique, she said, "It's sooo soft and yummy!"

If ever there was a time when comfort is queen, it's now. And these versatile, wear-everywhere pieces are not only soft and yummy, but cut in relaxed silhouettes designed to drape to perfection, flattering every body. The pièce de résistance? Beautifully edgy details!

Sprinkled throughout the group you'll find a perky tonal plaid, a coated cloud knit, a hint of khaki and olive, and a splash of shine to wrap it all up. Sounds perfect, right? Click here to shop the collection.



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