Just a Thought: Rami

Rami owns Ramini, the best Cafe in midtown, with the best pastries, all homemade. He is my first stop every morning for years and I consider him family. Like a big brother.

Rami is an Arab, Muslim, and Israeli. He was born in Israel, in the village of Manda in the north of the country. I asked him last week about his family and how he was doing these days. We were having an unprecedented wave of violence between Arabs and Jews inside Israel.

His family has lived in Israel for generations. Israel is home for him, but does it feel like home? He said he didn't like and couldn't trust either the Israeli or Palestinian governments.

In the past week, we would just look at each other, quietly, sharing the same pain of unsolved conflict.
Most of us, like 
Rami and me, just want the same thing - to live peacefully next to each other. 

Can we see both sides? Is there hope for our two nations? 

Happy Tuesday,


  • Yael Edelsit

    Thank you ladies for the conversation. We need to keep talking and hear each other even when we do not agree. This is a tough topic and I want to stay hopeful.

  • Ellen David

    I lived in Israel in the 70’s and am heartbroken that the conflict continues. We are all just people yearning for health, safety, and peace!

  • K. Rabinn

    We feel you Yael.
    We here in california can only watch and read and pray.
    And look forward to somehow finding a way to end this conflict.
    Stay strong. Both of you.

  • Dana Biggs

    I so hope for peace in your home. When are we going to “grow up” and know that peace is the only pathway to survival! I refuse to believe that this is a way of life forever!

  • Amy Krakow

    Yael, your thoughts are always provocative, beautiful, joyous, thoughtful, loving.
    But today’s goes beyond everything else!
    Thank you.
    Though I rarely get to midtown, I am going to make sure I get to midtown and go to Rami.
    With much love and peace
    Amy K

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