Just a Thought: Mother's Day

I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day .
I always tell my kids that I don’t want them to buy me flowers the day they are the most expensive and we don’t have to go out for dinner ( that I pay for), but I do want to be together and maybe they can write something for me.

Writing will stay with me all year. In my purse and by my bed. I cherish these notes every year. 

My mother taught me not to feel sorry for myself.
She taught me to get up in the morning and stand on my feet no matter how I feel.
Standing up is always better than lying down.
That sleeping late in the weekend is a waste of life.
That family comes first.
To read the small letters in contracts. 
That a good meal doesn't have to be cooked. You just have to know where to buy it.
To be fierce and passionate about what I am doing.
To keep searching and questioning. 
She taught me and still is about style.
That age means nothing.

Thank you mom! I take it all in and forward to my kids.

I hope you all had some time with your mom this Sunday physically or in your heart.

Happy Mother's Day,


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