Just a Thought: Breaks

I am not good at taking breaks. I don't like to leave the office, I don't like to leave home, I am not good on planes and I get anxious about being on a different continent than my kids. 

But once I am away, I enjoy the break. I realize how much I needed it and I know how to let go.
I notice that when I am away from my business I also get ideas and visions that are hard to notice in my daily hectic life. When I take a break, new ideas come up. And when I take a break, everyone around me has to join in:)
Our office and warehouse will be off this Wednesday the 30th until July 6th.
I will be a little bit slower but will answer emails so please keep in touch. All orders that come in starting tomorrow, June 29th, will be shipped on Tuesday the 6th.
Do you know how to take a break?
Happy July 4th!


  • Katherine Marks

    Enjoy your time off. Relax, take deep breaths and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine ?
    There are two items that are on Sale
    Jungle Tunic Top nbr ST311J-Jungle
    Lily Wonderful Dress nbr SD239M-Multi
    Size “2” on both
    If they are available when you get back
    Pls send them to me
    Thank you

    Hugs going your way

  • Doreen Mann

    I too ,had a hard time taking a break when I owned my furniture stores.. phones rang even before cells were invented. My favorite break was skiing north of Montreal , staying with friends and family in a small cabin where the phone service was bad. How funny or bitter sweet it is that now being retired and on a different break I sometimes miss the days of exhaustion .💕

  • Phyllis Robins

    Have a great vacation. Waiting for fall clothes.

  • Sheila Nevins

    Did you read my book?
    Or listen to my audio with stars

    Send me e and I’ll send

  • Beth Camassar

    Enjoy your well earned vacation! Received your beautiful catalog yesterday!! 😊🇺🇸😋🇺🇸

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