Just a Thought - Bouncing Back

Dear Rootchi Women,

NYC is my mirror for the pandemic and changes to come. We were hit hard. March and April were filled with fear—for my life, my kids, my business. A few dear friends were sick and too many people lost their lives. Seeing my city closed up—NYC without Broadway, movies, subway rushes, crowds and noise, restaurants and busy streets—felt like a personal trauma, one that will stay for a while.


Many families left the city. Many businesses shut down. But when Covid-19 cases declined, restaurants reopened with outdoor seating on the sidewalks. New Yorkers started to go out again (wearing masks). Streets filled up. We could take a break from the fear. 


Businesses will reopen, new people will come to live in our city and we will learn how to live with Covid until we have a vaccine. We bounce back. Even if slowly, we do. That’s the one excellent trait we humans have—we bounce back.


Happy Week,


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