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“Aging is beautiful,” said Erin in our latest Zoom Café, while addressing everyone’s questions about skincare and makeup.

As the founder of Erin’s faces, Erin path started at the makeup counter. From there, she found her career evolved working in editorial, during fashion weeks, and more. It all sounds very glamorous, but something was missing. That’s what led Erin to open her own skincare company ‘Erin’s Faces’ 10 years ago.

Erin sees makeup as a way to communicate with others. After suffering from challenging acne that affected her confidence, Erin started to learn more about specially formulated naturally derived products that are more effective for skin with issues. Even after starting ‘Erin’s Faces’ she continually educated herself about how to maintain healthy skincare. It was important to her to not only create, but to continue developing a brand that works for every woman, whether you want to wear just a touch of makeup or put on a “full face”.

From a small company that knows her clients personally, she is now a global brand and growing strong. Erin’s Faces is still considered unconventional since there are not many brands that use such pure and natural ingredients in their skincare. 


Erin says, “90% of aging is happening due to sun damage. Using sunscreen is the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin”. When shopping for sunscreen, Erin recommends looking for an active ingredient such as Zinc or Titanium effective against sun damage and potential diseases. Erin's sunscreen formula employs non-nano, non-micronized zinc oxide only as the active ingredient, which is recognized as safe and effective by the FDA.  Erin says, “If you are worried that the whiteness color of the sunscreen won’t go away, don’t stress! It only means that your skin is dry. Simply mix your sunscreen with a drop of serum”. 

Erin’s go-to everyday makeup for an everyday look is to define your eyebrows, use mascara and concealer on the areas that need a touch of cover, and use a little bit of blush! 

All of Erin’s products are natural and never tested on animals!

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Erin’s Favorite Products:

Skin Care:

-       Micellar Clean Water

-       Firming Eye Gel – de puff the undereye dark circle          

-       Sunscreen SPF 30


-       Magic dust highlighter

-       Concealer

Cream liner


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