Easy Travel with Tekbika

We miss the feeling of a weekend getaway, the noise of a busy airport, and the rush as we pack our luggage.  With decreasing restrictions around the world, it's becoming somehow easier to travel or at least fantasize about traveling.  However, we don't miss the feeling of 'what to wear' and 'how many outfits' we need to pack for this getaway trip.  For that exact reason, Hagar Alembik, Alembika’s designer, created the Tekbika collection. 

The Tekbika collection is an exclusive athleisure designed in luxe techno fabric with built-in UPF 50+ for UV sun protection.  The group comprises 16 staple pieces that you can pair with everything else you already own or pair with other items from the Alembika.com assortment. The design of Tekbika is made to compliment any woman’s body by adding long lines in the silhouettes that flatter with ease.  Our favorite part about this collection is its ability to become a capsule wardrobe for those who seek timeless pieces. 

Like any other Alembika line, The Tekbika sizes are available in a large range including plus size and run up through XL or size 8. Due to the unique design, the pants are running small, so our stylist recommends sizing up when you purchase the pants.

Our stylist recommends:  

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