Designer Spotlight – Hagar Alembik

Alembika just presented their Spring/Summer 2020 collection earlier this month and we caught up with Hagar Alembik the chief designer, for a short conversation about love, life, fashion and passion. 
Yael Edelist, Roni Rabl: What makes you happy?
Hagar Alembik: Clothes! Fabrics! I have a lot of new fabrics, that makes me happy.


Yael Edelist, Roni Rabl: Hagar, so good to speak with you! What’s your favorite color?

Hagar Alembik: God Created all colors equal. I love them all, I don’t have a preference. In Fashion, as in Fashion, different colors are preferred in different seasons, in this season it’s one color, and in the next

season – a different color. I love them all.

Roni Rabl: What inspires you?

Hagar Alembik: I live in Tel Aviv, a white city with gray asphalt roads and urban structures. And I believe this is at the heart of my collection – urban-like, black, white, with shades of gray, spotted with clouds in different colors. Many textures are ones you can find in a city view such as layers and nets.



ALEMBIKA was founded in 2005 by fashion designer HAGAR ALEMBIK, a graduate of the school of design, and JUDITH FADLON PHD, an anthropologist. ALEMBIKA offers a collection suited to women of all ages, specializing in the middle and large range, to which ALEMBIKA’S layered look is especially flattering. At ALEMBIKA we would like you to feel comfortable with your body - not the body you’re working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have.  The one one you have right now. We, like you, believe that the essence of femininity lies in flexibility, change and flow. We offer you clothes that understand that. We offer you fashion that treats your body with respect.  Fashion that covers it with love. Fashion that is therapeutic for body and soul.






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