Celebrating a Year of Beauty with Rootchi Influencers

This past year has felt like a decade—a global pandemic, a seemingly never-ending election, an economic crisis, revolutions, stress—you name it, we had it! 

We've done our best at Rootchi to stay as positive as possible during this time. We continue to focus on fashions that allow every woman to feel both beautiful and comfortable when wearing them. Our clothes are meticulously tailored from the best quality fabrics, and we offer a wide range of styles befitting of everything you do—from home to office, active to after dark.

Two very important things helped us to keep going this year:

1) YOU, Our Wonderful Customers! 
2) Fashion Influencers who LOVE our clothes!

Our influencers have not only built reputations in their social media communities, but each of them has displayed their great sense of style—and we couldn't be more proud than when they wear our fashions in their unique and eye-catching ways! Each silver beauty has showed us that age is just a number—and that when you look good, you feel great!

From lockdown at home to social distancing in the street, our influencers have rocked Rootchi style with finesse. One influencer in particular even collaborated with us to promote an Alembika collection and it was a huge success. Today, we would like to show our gratitude, and introduce you to their endlessly chic and inspirational content. Just click any link below to view. Enjoy!






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