Alembika S/S Video Campaign: Color & Character!

Alembika’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection is a tour-de-force of color and character.

It is filled with flower prints and polka dots; whimsical and free.

Layers upon layers of fantastic storytelling, of lollipop creativity and yet its adult lines make it a collection with a persona.

For Hagar Alembik, the designer, every fabric tells a different story, and each and every story is interesting.

It is with this approach in mind that we have, once again, reached out to the magnificent crew of MOVERS+SHAKERS, a boutique creative agency with a unique and dynamic approach.

We took the concepts of character, story and color and weaved them beautifully into a series of visual journeys telling the story of the ALEMBIKA woman.

Let’s listen to some of these stories!

Heather tells about what authenticity means for her.

alembika spring

Krishna shares with us some of her obsessions.

ALEMBIKA’s Spring/ Summer 2019 video campaign – a blast of color and character

Margot describes us her a few of her passions, and why she loves New-York.

ALEMBIKA’s Spring/ Summer 2019 video campaign – a blast of color and character

MeeWha offers us a look into what makes a garment attractive for her.

Together, the four amazing women offer us a closer look into what they are interested in.

Thanks to that, we learn a bit about their story, their life and their character.

Because every fabric and every woman has a story to tell, and every story is unique.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming series of videos. We love every single one of them.

They are beautiful, dynamic, strong, colorful and unique.

They are the ALEMBIKA Woman!



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