Adornments of a City Scape

Have you ever been in a situation in which you are looking for the "perfect” dress or just a timeless piece that will work great with everything you already own? Modern classics that you can wear everywhere, dress down or up and always look elegant? That's what inspired and guided Hagar to create Urban.

"The mostly black URBAN Collection expresses the tempo of the city. Produced from a soft, high-quality cotton in both jersey and woven fabrications, we offer chic dresses printed with a black motif that look as if a rough stroke of a paintbrush was used to decorate them." —Hagar Alembik.

URBAN is timeless, effortless, and modern. It's an artist's best-expressed creativity and a collection that could easily turn into a capsule. We love the print, artful vibe and breezy shapes that this collection brings with it. When Yael shared Instagram stories of her favorite URBAN top, wearing the URBAN Appliquéd Heart Tee, our DM filled up with questions about it!  We are sure this collection will be sold out quickly, and we don't want to say, "I told you so."

With this collection, there are no mistakes. Each item is unique, flattering and will garner compliments from all the loved ones you plan to see soon. There is no wrong choice, just a choice to embrace Urban style and edge!


URBAN Capsule Shirtdress

URBAN Appliquéd Maxi Dress

URBAN Appliquéd Tee, Heart

URBAN Appliquéd Striped Tee, Heart

Urban Appliquéd Tee

Urban Harem Pants, Capsule

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