A Crinkle in Time

We have all realized in the last year that we want to feel comfortable while also wanting to look beautiful. Most of us moved work from office to home and in a second, we found ourselves sitting from our home office in sweatpants because who has the strength to wear jeans? With a statement like "it hurts to be beautiful" or "you have to make an effort to be beautiful," we were left a little confused and wondered if we really could not feel comfortable in everyday, fashionable clothes.

With us, we actually advocate that comfort is what makes us look beautiful. While everyone encourages a younger look, embracing your wrinkles is gorgeous—they add character. And our gorgeous, crinkled knits are no exception! Our new 18 piece collection is perfect for the everyday items you miss in your closet. 

Unlike our other collections, crinkle colors are soft and quiet. They are meant for your everyday errands, casual Friday, and coffee meetings in the middle of the day. The clothes in this collection are flowing, comfortable, and work for every daily event you may have. 

If you like our Tekbika and Shades of Black collection, then you should check this one out as well!


Breeze Crinkle Maxi Dress

Breeze Crinkle Swing Dress

Breeze Crinkle Cocoon Top 
Ash Crinkle Punto Pants

Pinstripe Trousers 


  • Mark

    Dear Karina,
    Please contact ALEMBIKA in Israel for more information regarding European distribution.

  • Karina van Vught-Baak

    Who is selling Alembika clothing in the Netherlands, preferably in the southern part of our country. Or perhaps in Antwerp(Belgium) ??

  • Paige

    Can you tell me if you are aware if Alembika is sold any place in Canada? If there aren’t does Alembika ship to Canada. I am in love with Alembika clothing and would love to have some in my closet.



  • paulette ann fishman

    How do I order from Canada?

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