A carnival full of colors

Floral for spring? Groundbreaking. What about trying our new Festive Couture collection instead? 


A holiday season is coming up, and we can feel the excitement in the air!  We haven’t had a formal event to celebrate since New Year's, but we already hear the wine pouring, people are gathering, and there is a smell of freshness and hope in the air.


That's how we feel about the Festive Couture collection, a fresh breeze.  The collection is designed with a lot of mind and attention to the Spring holidays.  Regardless of its glam, this collection is one of our favorites.  Instead of using colors such as light pink or yellow and rabbit prints for Easter, Hagar chose to take one of her favorite prints, leopard, and mix it with other prints that would not take away from the design and will feel like nothing else we have seen before.


The colors are complimenting, and the mix of prints is a celebration to the eyes.  The clothes are flowing and entirely made for an occasion where food is involved.  The light beige dresses are perfect for afternoon tea on Easter sunday, while our Lily suit will be great for any formal occasion during the evening.    


If you feel bold during the holidays or are  attending a more casual event, try our iconic stretchy jeans in black or white, with any of our festive carnival tops. 


Rise to the occasion in captivating florals with a sexy dose of animal magnetism. Elegance found!




  • Fern MILLER

    I like the looks and wonder if they work for very short women. I’ve been wearing Eileen Fisher for years and want something different for a change! I hope this is where I’ll find my new look.

  • Randi Cohen

    Is there anything in your line for petite’s? I am 4’11, and curvy

  • Susan March

    Fabulous prints
    Leopard and florals!

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